#archlinux - Thu 19 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:10

CodeMonkeno need for a '-u' but it doesn't hurt.
the -u tells pacman to update everything.
_lunix_andre pacman -Sy will update your pacman database.....pacman -Syu will update your pacman database and then update your entire box
andrei just did the update so it should take long
ok here goes
Skatoxhello, anubody here use gcc?
CodeMonkeSkatox, we all use gcc
It's an essential part of life in Linux
Skatoxcodemac, i don't know how to install the package that has stdio.h file
CodeMonkeIt's already there
It comes with glibc, which is required for everything
look in /usr/include
Skatoxif i use #include<stdio.h> don't work
CodeMonkeis it in /usr/include/stdio.h ?
Skatoxit's not there
andredo i just say pacman -Sy or do i have to do pacman db w/ ' pacman -Sy
Skatoxcodemac, it's not there. Can you send me yours?
mos__just pacman -Sy
CodeMonkeandre, pacman -Sy is fine, that will update the db
CodeMonkeSkatox, do you have anything in /usr/include?
some libraries, but not stdio
mos__Skatox, reinstall glibc
Skatoxcodemac, maybe a package is missng.
CodeMonkedefinitely reinstall glibc
Skatoxmos__, ok, wait.
andreno they are not there,not found in sync
mos__Andares, what are you looking for?
er andre
CodeMonkeandre, pacman -Ss spca
andresearch for:
CodeMonkeShould bring up:
community/gspcav1 1.00.12-2
A kernel module with support to 228 USB webcams
andreit gives me no answer
mos__andre, pastebin your /etc/pacman.conf
andrehow do i paste bin

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