#archlinux - Wed 18 Apr 2007 between 00:32 and 00:36

Navi_aaronf0, slow systems, long-ass compiling time.
louipcI'm on 866MHz and I'm doing easy breezy
emmybearI know it does quite a plethora of various things
snypecompile big aps like java
louipcNavi_: yeah and not worth it if you have to update often
ohti'm pretty sure you can emmybear
snypeand you'll see an increase
aaronf0Navi_: not to bad, i compile on my p2
louipcactually I quit gentoo to get away from compiling so damned much
emmybearI wan to see what pitch my voice is at lol
louipcbut I still do it for some things
snypelouipc there u go
glen_quagmirefirefox doesn't work on facebook.com
snypei only have a few apps on my computer so i dont really worry about it
emmybearquit gentoo?
neat :D
ohtworks fine for me...
emmybearneber knew they made it into a game
glen_quagmirewhat's wrogn?
louipcsnype: ok so you want pacman to compile a few apps where you like things optimized?
ohtbut if you're using facebook, read this, http://www.commongroundcommonsense.org/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t34949.html
louipcbut not everything eh?!
snypelouipc i dont use pacman to compile it
louipcI know
Navi_glen_quagmire, use Opera.
louipcyou can't
snypeand i compile pretty much everything-
glen_quagmireNavi_: i sent message to cusotmoer support..but they said "it works here"
snypeanything i use often
louipcyeah if you use it often it makes sense
Navi_glen_quagmire, JavaScript is enabled, right?
glen_quagmireNavi_: yes
emmybearspeaking of facebook
Navi_glen_quagmire, that's too bad then ;)
emmybearThat worked fine for me too O.o
glen_quagmire: Is Java installed?
maybe it's adblock?

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