#archlinux - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 01:19

louipchmm that's a good idea for a wiki topic
metoocan someone help me get the catalyst control center working on FC6
this is not fedora core channel
metoothanks anyway
pinktacoplus on side note
_mEo_Hi, I just compiled a kernel (have not done any make modules or make modules_install yet). Since this is the first time I have done this, I want to test it before I actually use it over the arch kernel26. How do I do this? I don't know where or what to put where
pinktacoi'm not familiar w/ custom kernels but i don't think it's possible to test out w/o redirecting to new kernel built and reboot. unless you set up a virtualized environment
_mEo_Virtualized is what I was thinking, but its annoying, I don't have it installed. I am sure there's a way, because lilo has an option to load a kernel once
pinktacoas long as whatever options you set during kernel config is correct.... it should be ok. but then, (back few years ago) when i made my own kernel, upon reboot it broke
_mEo_see, im expecting that too lol
pinktacoyou can make multiple enties in your lilo to point to old and new kernel
_mEo_Wht stage of compilation is the actual installing?
im waiting to run make modules, but I don't want to instal lanythign
pinktacojust in case your new kernel dont boot you can reset and re-use arch kernel
_mEo_Like with the CD?
pinktacohmm, i'm not familiar with the inner workings or stages
_mEo_and just pacman kernel26 to get a fresh one
pinktacoperhaps someone else can anwser that for you
_mEo_when urs broke
did you lose data?
pinktacono, what i meant by broke is it didn't even boot fully
so kernel couldn't initialize all my hardware
i forgot some scsi options
_mEo_Ok, do you think I would? Knowing how linux work, I wouldn't think so. Lol, im expecting that too lol
I didn't spend an hour reading through everything
just tryign it out
I think ill wait then, thanks for your help :)
pinktacoit's either 1) your new kernel don't boot up fully... it won't access your FS so you can't lose data becuase it didn't even boot up
pinktaco2) it all boots up fine, but when you start probing your hardware and you forgot some basic kernel driver and can't load it
_mEo_Ok, so my drives should be safe
pinktacoyes, if you are worrying about data. you are not going to lose data. kernel just a program that is like a bridge between your hardware and your typical program
blamelessso after several hours of fighting with mythtv, its time for freevo heh
pinktaconow.... if you are working and your power goes out.. that's a different story. my main system is on RAID0 (4 HDs).. i did lose some data
blamelessi just like mirroring my data to multiple systems
_mEo_ok thanks

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