#archlinux - Tue 10 Apr 2007 between 00:46 and 01:41

slacker403its not gonna work
pacage manager is shiit
there is none really
(but vector linux uses slack as base and it have a nice packmanager)
LeFallenslacker403: Well the base ISO is 138Mb
ohthttp://overhangingtrees.resnet.tamu.edu <-- testing testing 123?
LeFallenslacker403: You could trim the install no doubt
slacker403gzipped ?
LeFallenyeah that's gzipped
slacker403: I don't remember how much it is installed though
CatEarMedicinechoose something more or less known, you'll have better support if something go wrong
OrangeSlice, hwd -x works fine with a nVidia GeForce 2 MX 400 installed
CatEarMedicineYes but i have a Soyo motherboard, when i put the GF got hardware issues and cant connect nothing more to the pci bus
so, no network, no sound
sry, Pentium 3 Katmai 500 (5x100), 512 PC100 SDRAM, MoBo Soyo SY-VBA133
toofishessabooky: ping?
manveruheya, anybody got a pkgbuild for the swallow twitter-client around?
dagnachewhi all
ERROR: Failed to download geda-gschem-$pkgver.tar.gz
what was the command to install from unsuported ?
Rehtoaurbuild -s
actionJKnife kicks iamsthitha
JKnifekicks iamsthitha
what makes archlinux the best?
JKnifethe choice
to some it isn't
actionJKnife glares at omp
JKnifeglares at omp
dagnachewJKnife, aurbuild: not found in sync db
JKnifewth you telling me for
/whois JKnife
dagnachewicarus, the community !!!!!!!
JKnifedo you see developer on their?
hristJKnife: true
dagnachewJKnife, aurbuild -s geda-libs

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