#archlinux - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 07:05 and 07:15

mEothen what?
rohanmEo: if you have atkbd compiled in the kernel, then it's not a kernel problem
johnfreezlemmi do that
mEoI don't know if i had it compiled for sure, i just use the normal arch one.
Just with pacman and stuff
odinboy71just wondering, whats the the best arch (ark) like i586 distro, im turning an old k6-2 into a home media server, i was thinking maybe slackware
johnfreezshining, menu.1st refers to "initrd26.img"
do i need to rename that file, and something inside initrd26.img ?
rohanodinboy71: slackware ?
shiningjohnfreez: right, and vmlinuz26 I guess
mEorohan, is there a way i can check?
shiningjohnfreez: so you need to rename these 2 files, eg by appending -old
rohanmEo: zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i atkbd
in terms of not being the solution
rohanmEo: no, it is the expected result
rohan: so, if that is working, how come my keys are not even being registered :S
rohanmEo: if xev is not giving a symcode, it's damn strange :(
johnfreezthanks very much for you help shining
DarkClownI have a question that might sound stupid, but during installation, which consolefont should I use with a japanese keymap?
mEoneither xev nor dmesg is doing anything
johnfreezmuch obliged
rohanmEo: that's what surprises me
mEorohan: is it possible that my keyboard is being initiated wrong in the kernel? :S
rohanafter pressing the key, are you positive that dmesg is not showing anything ?
i even cleared
rohanno xev, no dmesg .. sorry, no idea at all :(
mEowhat if
rohan: what if fnfx was doing something?
rohanmEo: some keys, like brightness control and screen off don't emit keycodes or atkbd messages
mEo: but the volume keys must
mEorohan: my other function keys do work, and the function button+another key does, ie, func+f5
rohanmEo: then which key does not work ?

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