#archlinux - Wed 28 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 01:07

no one wants to chat?
i'm even banned from a php/ajax chatroom...very different atmosphere than IRC
!dict RAD
phrikglen_quagmire: wn, gcide, vera, and foldoc responded: vera: RAD Rapid Access Disk; foldoc: RAD <programming> {Rapid Application Development}; vera: RAD Rapid Application Development [toolkit] (Delphi, Borland); vera: RAD Research And Development [data communications] (manufacturer); gcide: Rad \Rad\ (r[a^]d), obs. imp. & p. p. of {Read}, {Rede}. --Spenser. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Rad \Rad\ (2 more messages)
kylepikehas anyone used jailkit before?
Angel_LBnope.. what is it? same as fakeroot?
kylepikeyeah tookit to create a chrootuser
Angel_LBI see. no never tried this
yosh64just found this... <- list/sheet of all commands... will be pretty handy :)
ahh I see "Excerpted from Linux Pocket Reference" at bottom... I'll google the Linux Pocket Reference...
xehpnice find yosh64
omg the tee command. how i needed that...
xehpwell i learnt one thing from it, and a good one too
yosh64you can also download it here... http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/linux/excerpt/LinuxPG_quickref/linux.pdf
xehpahh yes, i did download the pdf above
fluxbox rc3! <3
yosh64hmm, just realised on that google link they are repeated, hehe... so yea... I wanna find something with more commands...
TheodenN-S-F-W-or-WIVES!! You have been warned! http://linuxgangster.org/Theoden/ShadowBooty.png
Angel_LBnice booty
err.. desktop!!
xehpso i tried ratpoison and it was great and all
but it sure was boring
Angel_LBe RULEZ!! :)
xehpi havn't tried e in, o 8-9 years?
i still remember the thought cloud tip popups
so who are you people and how did you get into my computer?
is it possible to use pipe info before it hits the logs with syslogng?
actionxehp waves
wingotI've got a DVD with a whole lot of mkv's on it (some random video format), but the DVD didn't burn correctly, and so it CRC's part way through the files. Any idea how I could recover the file, and play it, skipping the broken sectors?
It's Star Trek Voyager Season 4, with Seven of Nine, so it's urgent and important ;)
Plus I don't want to have to redownload about a gig of video files :(
wingotI mean, umm, re-rip from my original DVD's *shifty-eyes*
xehpsurely there'd be a way

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