#archlinux - Mon 26 Mar 2007 between 01:16 and 01:22

Faust-CXilon: they are saying that cds/dvds are easy to mess up
so nope :(
ooookyean rsyn
Faust-Cooook: grsync
wide-eye5 x "fileserver in an ex nuke missle silo"
Faust-Cooook: its a gtk frontend to rsync helps you get to know it better
XilonFaust-C: who backs up to DVDs?
Faust-Cfinnally system is up to date
Xilon: idk i was reading this on slashdot or some shit
ooookwhen I use raid 1 I think redundency
XilonI'd have X * (120/4.1) DVDs... friggun hell
Faust-CXilon: i also remember that they are looking into using micro organisms as a way to store data
Xilonooook: redundancy is a form of backup...
Faust-CXilon: ya know how we already use micro organisms for some lcd tv's/monitor's
ooookI always wondered if there was a raid 1 hybrid that staggered the write (with a huge cache) so that you could use it as short term backup
Xilonthaugh does RAID-1 immediately mirror every change?
wide-eyeXilon: more about uptime imo
Xilon: yes
writes are 2x as slow
Xilonwell that sucks as a backup then :P
Faust-Ci say print it all out lol
Xilonprint binary?
ooookXilon: I'm with you on "redundency being a form of backup"
wide-eyesure, 1million pages of barcodes
Faust-CXilon: yeah 1001001000000111100100102
XilonFaust-C: There is no 2!
Faust-Cbtw that was binary for im rich bitch
wide-eyeor that indian designed thing i read about ~3 months ago
Xilonno it wasn't...
Faust-CXilon: i know i was waiting for someone to pick that up lol
wide-eyehad the same density as a dvd iirc
XilonFaust-C: that was meant to be a Futurama quote :(
Faust-Co i c
well gn all see yall tomarrow
actionwide-eye thought he saw a 2, *shivers*
wide-eyethought he saw a 2, *shivers*
ooookso does staggered raid 1 exist?

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