#archlinux - Sun 18 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

quietwow... I just got a Sprint wireless card today... i love it.
i'm on it right now.
$60/month and I'm getting like 1.5Mb down
DarkJesusFirst of gnome 2.18 is on the repos!
rixxon!cash 200 sek to usd
phrikrixxon: 200.00 sek = 28.70 usd
DarkJesusIcon theme and printui
rixxonthat's what mom pays for our 100 mbps
Absolute0whats a nice gui mpd frontend?
rixxonAbsolute0: sonata
Absolute0not nice enough...
timtuxComon boys, help me (:
quietwtf are you looking for?
wide-eyexmms :P
rixxontimtux: down
Absolute0so the whole point of mpd is to keep music playing after closing apps?
and controlling it with diff frontends?
timtuxrixxon, up
rixxonAbsolute0: the point is a daemonized jukebox, basically.
i think xmms is still better...
is there anything like xmms that controls mpd?
rixxonwhich, yes, has the effect of not stopping playback when killing clients, and the ability to control the daemon with many different frontends
but also, that it can be controlled over a network
or the same playback by different users
mpd = best, though, there aren't many good clients.
Absolute0i see...
is there one?
i dont need many
rixxonwhich doesn't bother me since i'm satisfied with mpc, lol.

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