#archlinux - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:10

n0ydcactus: do you read a lot of fark?
cactusnot any in fact
LeFallenShirakawasuna: Did you get it working?
n0ydcactus: where do you find this obscure shit?
WillySillythis looks pretty cool http://www.radiolabs.com/products/antennas/2.4gig/2.4grid.php
jiShoh my god
n0ydWell ladies, the shoe is on the other foot and guess what? I'm tired!!! I'm tired from sheer exhaustion of chasing your cock teasing ass for the last 25 years!!!! Constantly, going home with "blue balls" and "whacking off" because you want me to "respect you in the morning"!!!!
jiShthat was the best post ever
ShirakawasunaLeFallen: still workin' on it
LeFallen: I cleaned out all my confs, etc
Now, in the height of your sex drive, you want muah to pin your legs behind your ears after a long day at work, and give it to you for more than 10 minutes a month?!!!!!
LeFallenHolly crap: I purchased a usb key/thumbdrive thingy when 512 mb had just come out, I see now that a 4gb will set you back only $60AU
Shirakawasunathis is annoying: "Recommended: You can also use the nxclient GUI to add the right keys for connections."
of course, it doesn't actually explain how in the gui ;)
Faust-CLeFallen, lol
finally linkage compiles
SportChick [n=essy@freenode/staff/about.essy.sportchick] has quit
runlevelits a fake
n0ydI donno, I dont pay attention to stupid staffers anymore
Faust-Cn0yd, sad lilo passed away ..
n0ydFaust-C: He hated me
ShirakawasunaLeFallen: here's the output I get while trying to connect w/ the nxclient-nomachine app: http://phpfi.com/215702
Faust-Clol your not the only one who got the "treatment"
jiShwow that was a while ago too
n0ydHe only k-lined me 3 times....
ShirakawasunaLeFallen: it says that it gets authenticated, which is good, then it fails
n0ydHe ran the network like an idiot
runlevel: no shit, everyone can do that

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