#archlinux - Tue 27 Feb 2007 between 00:01 and 00:19

runlevelsurrounder, ?
surrounderrunlevel: uuuh
things suck
runlevelborked skype?
actionFaust-C installs xfce4
Faust-Cinstalls xfce4
What is the uptime command again?
Aha, it is uptime/
runlevelis 4g an eigth?
Faust-Cguess i can get rid of kde ..
DeformativeWhy would you do that?
Faust-CDeformative: i come to realize that i only use 3 kde apps really
Deformative: basket, ktorrent, and amarok ..
DeformativeNo konqueror/
Faust-CDeformative: well for a FM yes
opera as a web browser
DeformativeOr koffice?
Faust-CDeformative: koffice omfg no
i dont use a word porc atm
DeformativeI use koffice for certain things.
Lava_Croftantiword ftw
Faust-CLava_Croft: well the work i do i have to use OOo
DeformativeLike kivio is a nice flow chart.
Faust-Ci need database etcetc
Lava_CroftHaving to use OOo is not fun
Faust-Cwell i didnt say i liked it
Lava_CroftStar Office always horribly failed.
DeformativeI use konqueror for everything.
It's so nice/.
No kate?
Kate is about the best editor ever.
Faust-CDeformative: gvim
DeformativeIndentation is kinda disappointing.
But it still rules.
Faust-Cnano pfffft

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