#archlinux - Tue 20 Feb 2007 between 00:15 and 01:11

IamEthos_okay, why might sound not work?
_Caleb_not loaded?
IamEthos_I've done amixer set Master 90% unmute
and the same with PCM
_Caleb_, it seems to be loaded
IamEthos_a week ago I found a solution
_Caleb_, yep
_Caleb_not sure
whats the strongest encryption
md5 rsa or what?
it's not really that strong if you're stupid with it though.
what you mean stupid with it?
greafinemd5 is not encryption
it's a hash function
dude123321has anyone been able to run kibadock on kde?
does anyone know why when i try to install kibadock with the makepak file i get "autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1"?
IamEthoswhat the fuck is wrong with the quota commands in arch?
setquota, edquota, nothing fucking works
are they in some secret package that doesn't have the word quota in it?
kcbannerWTF why wont wxGlade start
I have wxPython installed
IamEthosstonecrest, yeah, edquota, setquota
all not there
and I have quota-tools installed
kcbannerIamEthos, pacman -Ql quota-tools
IamEthos, run source /etc/profile to update you PATH
if that works relog
IamEthoskcbanner, I'm sorry for the anger and outbursts
for some reason pacman just didn't work
which is probably worse
kcbannerEH wot?
IamEthosI can see where I said "y" for do you want to install
kcbannerrun sudo pacman -Ql quota-tools

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