#apache - Wed 9 May 2007 between 00:02 and 01:05

xsunnoodl: All right, I was afraid to use Apache to authenticate users.
noodlxsun: why's that?
xsunBecause I have a 'large' amount of users to authenticate. About 600 users...
noodlldap seems like a good choice then. i'm unfamilliar with ldap auth, though there are plenty of people on this channel who are (mainly during late euro time zones, it seems). there's a bare bones guide here: http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/Recipes/UseLDAPToPasswordProtectAFolder
xsunnoodl: Oh, Thats pretty good. I will check this wiki, thanks for the support mate.
the howto should also mention
you need mod_ldap + mod_authnz_ldap
its.. extremely.. confusing.
on purpose
i guess.
xsunHmm, I see
noodlthat howto is extremely weak
xsunIn fact I don't know if its more interesting write a Java application o that webserver to authenticate de users
My programmers will spend a lot of time on this and I don't believe it will be reliable as mod_ldap authentication method
noodlfor 600 static usernames/passwords i'd reach for mod_authn_dbm first
noodlnot that plain of htpass files are going to take >not much time to lookup
*plain old
xsunCurrently they have an ASP application and IIS authenticate the users, and its a really crap... I'm looking to use Debian GNU/Linux+Apache+Java server instead
"they" = the company who I work for :P
noodlwhat's the most pressing issue? speed of auth lookup or manageability of the user set?
xsunspeed for sure
noodlok, then i'd go for mod_authn_dbm (or maybe mod_authn_dbd, with caching), but you'll end up having to write a bunch of scripts to do crud on the database
fajitaHmmm... is Is is_are my url wrong
noodli don't see any caching options for dbd/authn_dbd in the docs, so i guess that'd mod_rewrite specific so far
chipig: any clues? niq did caching for RewriteMap with dbd, but is there a generic cache for dbd of some kind?
xsunnoodl: I will read some docs and search for the best way to authenticate the users. Thanks for your tips, very useful to me.
noodlxsun: good luck :)
xsunI will sleep a bit, thanks everybody and have a good night*.
noodl: Thanks!
preinheimerI built apache with --enable-ssl and --enable-module=ssl, however I'm getting "Invalid command 'SSLEngine'," when I invoke apachectl startssl I really have no idea where to go from here, what am I missing?
noodlpreinheimer: probably LoadModule for ssl
I don't see an example of a loadmodule in any of the conf files
(nor is there a module in the apache2/modules directory
noodldid you build it from source?
noodlwhich version?

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