#apache - Mon 7 May 2007 between 09:12 and 09:36

command not found
you're not using debian/ubuntu perchance, are you?
yangoapache2 -m
yangoif 2.2
if not 2.2 doom!
jinkwell, of course
jinkyou should use 2.2
user1big thx
jinkand i think even debian has that now
antifuchshi there. I'm seeing somewhat strange entries in my WebDAV server's combined access/error log file when Mac OS X clients access the server. I'd like to increase logging verbosity, especially regarding failed If preconditions; is that possible with mod_dav?
(running apache 2.2.3)
aturnerjink: Thank you, i still don't know how to use mod_vhost_alias
jinkwell, did you actually like, READ the documentation?
it's all in there
dokmaerror log says premature end of script headers
I think I figured out why
I have an addon domain situated in it's own folder
however the php files needed for the site to work are outside that folder
and symlinked
but apache does not allow access outside that folder
is there a way to tell apache to allow access outside the addon domains folder?
addon domain was added via cpanel
antifuchsfrom the silence, I guess that it's not possible to increase log verbosity for failed webdav requests /-:
alright, time to write my own webdav server to crush your ridiculous implementation, then (-;
cheers, bye (:
some hint at the documentation?
anything would be welcome
fajitacpanel is Econtrol panel software like webmin and a travesty of epic proportionsG<reply>Don't do it!! For the love of God learn how to do it manually!!
dokmaI do not have access to manual config
this is shared web host
my only chance is to tell apache to grant access outside the addon domain folder via htaccess
but I have no clue for what to look
jinkdokma: did you read the error log?
dokmait says premature end of script headers

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