#apache - Fri 4 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

Include "/etc/httpd/sites/*.conf"
thumbszbrown: what does that file contain, exactly?
Jesse408skipper113 what does fail mean exactly?
zbrownthumbs: hmmm two configs that i never realized directly affected the system setup
ok we're getting somehwere...
one sec
thumbszbrown: see, it loads the vhosts. All your directives in your main config are useless
zbrownya just realized that
SubOnehmmm, almost working, trying to get mysql working in php
Jesse408that's pretty agressive subone
one minute you're not loading any modules now you're doing php
what happened while i was at the store getting soda?
SubOneyay, its working, now i have to get mod_rewrite working :p
thumbsJesse408: code-e acted like a kid, notably.
skipper113Jesse408,thumbs: when I try apachectl configtest I get a "syntax ok". When I do httpd restart I fail. Looking in error_log, I get (13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
thumbsSubOne: good work
skipper113: you most like have multiple Listen 80 directives
Jesse408that probably means something else is binded to it
thumbssince you have vhosts, and you also use the main config.
skipper113Jesse408, thumbs: Or is it that I haven't configured the correct ip? "could not bind to address"
thumbsor 1080, for that matter
skipper113I want multiple ports
8080 and 1080
Jesse408if it says it can't bind then there's somethign else bound to it
thumbsskipper113: port 1080 seems to be already in use. Use netstat to find out if it is if apache is stopped.
skipper113: then make sure you have only one Listen 8080 and Listen 1080 directives.
zbrownthumbs: thanks a lot for the help
thumbsdo NOT specify Listen *:8080
zbrown: no worries, anytime.
skipper113thumbs: I've done grep -r Listen /etc/httpd and have no multiple Listen lines
Jesse408grep -v listen
and check includes also
thumbsgrep -ir Listen /etc/apache
Jesse408if applicable
yah -i

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