#apache - Thu 10 May 2007 between 18:00 and 18:04

DrBacchusWell then blame Debian, not mod_perl2 and apache 2.0
setuidyango, http://mirrors.gnu-designs.com/CPAN/authors/
Hover over Parent Directory
Its adding in the "invisible" proxy path, the literal path on the second server
I want that out of there
But it does NOT add it for the other links, only the "back" links
DrBacchusRight. Because the '..' links are absolute, and everything else is relative. mod_autoindex always does that.
But, yeah, the rule that yango gave looks correct.
yangohave you ProxyPassReverse set?
setuidyango, On the Apache1 box, yes. (the one catching the original incoming request)
DrBacchusRewriteRule ^/Mirrors(.*) http://backend$1 [P]
setuidProxyPass / http://sixtyfour/Mirrors/
ProxyPassReverse / http://sixtyfour/Mirrors/
fajitaHmm. No matches for that, setuid.
DrBacchusas a possible alternative.
dinyango: so what is step 2 ?
yangosetp two
step two
fajitaSee step one. For the clue-impaired, that's ERROR log, not ACCESS log
yangostep three
fajitastep three is to blame anyone who tries to help
setuidAnd what is 'backend'? A reserved namespace?
dinstep four
fajitastep four is PANIC
DrBacchusIn your case, 'backend' appears to be 'sixtyfour'
Looks like mod_autoindex steps in after the proxy
So it overwrites it
DrBacchusThat's just a fancy mod_rewrite-based ProxyPass directive. Will probably do what you want, I think.
dinstep five
fajitastep five is a well kept secret
arreyderQuartexx Im stumped, but the 1st string is here now, I'm a bench warmer. Maybe one of the gurus will give it a look
setuid10.0.1.5 - - [10/May/2007:15:56:22 --0400] [sixtyfour/sid#583670][rid#7d7098/subreq] (3) applying pattern '^/Mirrors(.*)' to uri '/Mirrors/CPAN/authors/id/index.htm' - - [10/May/2007:15:56:22 --0400] [sixtyfour/sid#583670][rid#7d7098/subreq] (1) pass through /Mirrors/CPAN/authors/id/index.htm
actionyango doubts it
yangodoubts it
yangostep six
fajitastep six is goto step one

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