#apache - Tue 1 May 2007 between 18:02 and 18:32

timewriterim a newbie with linux , thumbs
but i think it was my friend mistake
thumbsok. Lesson one: do not panick, and read documentation.
timewriteryes it was his fault
i can see smaller iso files
thumbsok, good.
timewriternow how do i update the apache ?
thumbsthat entirely depends on what distribution you're using.
timewriterfedora core 5
thumbsthen I suggest you try asking your question in #fedora
timewriterok thank you for help
ill join them
fajitabroadcast packets on wrong frequency
timewriteri might need to install apache from source
yum doesnt find a newer version
mattt_is it possible to apply an htaccess rule to a specific url (for authentication perhaps)?
mod_access <Location> :D
thumbsdeny context
fajitaDeny may be used in the following contexts: directory, .htaccess
thumbsmattt_: apparently, yes.
mattt_directory won't work if i'm including the files in that directory with php includ()
thumbsmattt_: come again?
no, if you include some random directories and files with php, no, the httpd.conf rules don't apply
mattt_: perhaps you're trying to solve the wrong problem?
mattt_no.. i think i've sorta designed myself into a corner (in some aspects)
the Location directive will work just fine though.. i just hope this server has mod_access loaded
thumbsok then.
mattt_how can i tell what modules are loaded if i don't have access to the configs?
PlasmaHHhi, when adding something like <Files *>deny from all </Files> is it a bug or a feature that uris with a space (or %20) in the pathname are visible nevertheless?
thumbshttpd -L
fajitahttpd -L is httpd -l (small L) will show you what modules were compiled into apache, but only compiled-in; others can be loaded with LoadModule or httpd -L (capital L) will show you a list of available configuration directives provided by the currently compiled in module set (shown by httpd -l (small L))
thumbssample url
fajitaCould you please give us a URL at which the behavior is demonstrated. This would help us troubleshoot the problem.
thumbsPlasmaHH: ^^
PlasmaHHthumbs: its in my local network (was testing a site before bringing it online=)
thumbsok then, perhaps you can troubleshoot it yourself.
PlasmaHHso this behaviour is not intended?

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