#apache - Mon 30 Apr 2007 between 00:03 and 03:25

lestorhey, where are all the Apache Indians? Gone for arrow-shooting practice?
moyix_is there any way to make authz_owner work for directory indexes generated by mod_autoindex?
dj-fu[Mon Apr 30 14:24:31 2007] [error] (28): mod_security: Could not create modsec_auditlog_lock
what the hell is error 28
and it means?
CapriSkyeask fajita
fajitafajita is at your service
dj-fufajita what is error 28
fajitai haven't a clue, dj-fu
CapriSkye: any other ideas?
CapriSkyei haven't a clue, dj-fu
dj-fuipcs | perl -ane '`ipcrm -s $F[1]` if $F[2] == "apache" and $F[1] =~ /\d+/ and $F[1] != 0'
My system was out of semaphores ;[
is there anyway to have per-virtualhost SSL certificates?
and will they work?
r2bityes they will
shadour2bit: care to detail how?
do they have to have different Ip addresses
ssl doesn't work with vhost having the same ip
dtayloDoes nayone have information re: getting V2.2 to use perl DB_File or BerkeleyDB user authentication? I have tried lots of combinations, but cannnot make it work. Thanks, Dave
r2bitssl serts doesnt care about ip-s, its virtualhosts that matter, shadou
overclockerhi, i get an "/usr/sbin/apache2ctl: line 78: 4872 Segmentation fault " ideas?, i'm trying to enable mod_auth_pgsql in apache 2.2
i get an "/usr/sbin/apache2ctl: line 78: 4872 Segmentation fault " ideas?, i'm trying to enable mod_auth_pgsql in apache 2.2
fajitasegfault happens when you run a program that is seriously buggy OR not binary-compatible with your system. If apache segfaults, build it from clean source. or get a coredump/traceback to find where it 's coming from or likely to come from third-party modules such as PHP
thumbsoverclocker: ^^
treeshoohi, I am trying some .htaccess code to use multiple domains on one account to point to different subdirectories. The contents of htaccess I am using is : http://paste.uni.cc/14922
thumbstreeshoo: do you have access to the main config?
treeshoothe additional domain is xp1.hopto.org , right now it works as in redirects to maindomain.com/test, what doesnt work is if I try xp1.hopto.org/dir goes to maindomain.com/dir instead of maindomain.com/test/dir
I do not
I can write .htaccess files though
I was trying to follow http://forum.powweb.com/showthread.php?t=72128
thumbssample url
fajitaCould you please give us a URL at which the behavior is demonstrated. This would help us troubleshoot the problem.

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