#apache - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 18:13 and 18:18

jmesquitaOtherwise, trhow it on a specific Zope URL (and get out of the way if possible)
DrBacchus, See, this is what my network tool does
Its a captive portal
megaspazi'd have to say, doing that for all your vhosts would actually suck
DrBacchusI have never heard that term before.
Jared555is it possible to have multiple copies of apache write to the same log files?
DrBacchusYes, it is.
megaspazjust use a global customlog, errorlog, transferlog, and/or transportlog
jmesquitaOk, DrBacchus let me try again then
1) Client browser on the LAN points to www.apple.com
2) My network gateway checks for his authentication
Jared555megaspaz, all you have to do is point them to the same log files? this will not cause errors?
megaspazJared555: shouldn't
DrBacchusI'm really asking for specifics, not generalities. We're trying to write formulas here.
jmesquita3) Does not find it and rewrites the TCP destination IP to my apache machine
megaspazJared555: or you can use 1 logfile location in the global server scope
DrBacchusFor example, you can do: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !(www.one.com|www.two.com|three.com) [NE]
megaspazcustomlog context
fajitaCustomLog may be used in the following contexts: server config, virtual host
Jared555and how does that work?
DrBacchusand then put your rewriterule after that.
jmesquita4) My apache figures that this is not to any of its vhosts and rewrites the URL to Zope
megaspazJared555: you just do something like CustomLog logs/blah.log not in any directive blocks
jmesquita5) Zope asks for a password and username
DrBacchusOk, so you've add all the details except for the one that I actually need. :-)
jmesquita6) Authenticates the user and provision the network gateway to let him browse the web
DrBacchusThe bit that I'm trying to understand is how we determine "is not to any of its vhosts"
jmesquitaDrBacchus, and that is?
megaspazJared555: and make sure your vhosts don't define any log file locations
DrBacchusDo you have a comprehensive list of those vhosts somewhere that you expect to check against?
Is it just supposed to magically know?
jmesquitaWell, that where apache's detail come in
DrBacchusAnd, most importantly, why wouldn't you just create a new default vhost that gets the requests automaticaly, rather than trying to do something with mod_rewrite>?
Just create a new vhost, list it first, and you're done.
I'm not sure where mod_rewrite comes into this, unless I'm hugely missing something.
jmesquitaIs it possible to check on each vhost configuration to with URL it is matching and if none is matched, rewrite the URL?
DrBacchusWell, yes and no.
No, mod_rewrite can't so that.
Yes, that's a standard feature of virtual hosts, and it's called "default virtual host"

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