#apache - Thu 19 Apr 2007 between 00:15 and 00:26

thumbsand the error log says: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/server-status
hmm... strange
thumbsthat would indicate that it's working on the wrong vhost
fajitaThe value of a NameVirtualHost directive has to match the content of <VirtualHost> exactly. For example, NameVirtualHost *:80 must be used with <VirtualHost *:80>
thumbsmajikman: ^^
majikmanhmm.... it is though
thumbsok, let's try the main vhost.
check the access log when you visit: http://wind.peachymedia.com/
make sure it accesses the right path.
you might as well check all your vhosts.
majikmansorry, i just realized i made a mistake. in the error log, that was for when i requested server-status. but when i request pmi-status, nothing gets logged in the error_log
as for wind.peachymedia.com, it seems to be going where it should
thumbsdid you restart apache?
majikmani haven't made any changes to my conf files yet though
thumbsyou moved the location.
at least you assured me you did
majikmanyou mean the thing with faq1
majikmanoh, yea
thumbsmoving the location within the vhost.
majikmanthat thing, i ddi restart it
thumbsyou wouldn't happen to have Options MultiViews enabled, would you?
is there something that can imply MultiViews?
the last possibility is that you would either require a directory that matches the location, OR make an alias.
majikmando you have any linkage on hwo to require a directory that matches the location?
i thought about trying to do an alias, but what would i alias to?
thumbsmatch the location.
majikmanoh, you mean use <Directory> </Directory?
thumbsalternately, make a physical directory on the file system that matches the location.
fajitaalias is http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_alias.html#alias
majikmanso... alias /pmi-status ?
fajitaum. is Fit normal for there to be more than one httpd running at the same time

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