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thumbstry with the absolute url, for fun.
i acctualy was doing that
and it fix the problem!
jpegredirect override
fajitaRedirect may be used in .htaccess files if AllowOverride is set to FileInfo
bwlangi'm having a rough time switching from mod_auth_pam to mod_authnz_ldap...
i think it's authenticating okay, but it always says that i'm not in the proper group
i can make it work with ldap-user
jpegfajita: servertokens corkball.net
fajitaApache/2.2.4 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.4 OpenSSL/0.9.8d
task0jpeg, can i do that to eny server?
imMutetask0: yes, but dont abuse it or we'll hurt you
task0imMute, heh, i only need it once! :D
fajita: servertokens wearemad.com.ar
fajitaCouldn't get a useful value for http://wearemad.com.ar
task0mmm bugga
boblenyHey, I am running Kubuntu and I have lamp installed as a local server for my computer only. It works great! However, I have a php file that need to access and save files to the computer. The problem is, it doesn't have the right privileges. How do I allow the php file to save and change files on the computer?
255 people in here and not even the letters of a mouse scuring across the keyboard can be seen!
djs_2_6Probably because this is not an apache issue. Google permissions and kubuntu, or go ask on #kubuntu...
boblenyI have, They say they arnt serve people
bwlangbobleny: i don't even understand your question... have a look at esr's http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
boblenybwlang, I don't even understand your statment... have a look at icr's http://www.icantread.org
bwlangbobleny: i meant no offense... it's just that I don't think there's enough detail in your question for a good answer. Maybe somebody else will contradict me.
boblenyWhat other information is needed. I told you my OS, I told you my surcomstance, and I asked a question.
I need to learn how to spell :p circumstance*
bwlangbobleny: it's too generic, i don't know whether you're trying to save a file named foo.php to your server, or whether you're trying to download a file from your server called foo.php, or whether you're trying to execute the foo.php file that wants to write some other file on your server
boblenybwlang, well, I have a php file that needs to access and save files to the computer. The problem is, it doesn't have the right privileges.
bwlangbobleny: i probably can't answer your question anyway - since i don't use php.
bobleny: well - it probably is running as the user www-data
bobleny: try to su - www-data and see if it has access to where you're trying to write.
boblenyWell, I think I'm just going to try and run apache as root...
bwlangbobleny: maybe okay for a test , but i'd recommend strongly against keeping it that way.
boblenyYeah, I agree but that is what #kubuntu told me to do. They said they don't know anything about servers and are unable to help me.
bwlangbobleny: if you can su to the www-data user, you can pretend to be the webserver and figure out what permission need to be set where.
boblenyI changed the path to: "/home/bob/Web Devolpment/Server".
So I end up needing to write to "/home/bob/Web Devolpment/Server/"

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