#apache - Mon 5 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:31

setuidIts supposed to be encoded
Is your Content-Type declaring it as us-ascii? utf-8? Other?
f00li5hdan__t: if it's not encoded all it can do is send it as is
dan__t: what content-type/charset was the old apache sending/
dan__tBeats me.
That info isnot available anymore.
f00li5hso you were just going to cut over hard?
dan__teverything else did work with the test, but i did not notice this issue.
f00li5hconsarnit, don't that just beat all
dan__tOk, I'll jus tsearch for this thing.
search and replace.
Its not worth troubleshooting, if its wrong to begin with
f00li5hdan__t: that's the spirit
whizzermegaspaz: watch ufc sat night?
dan__tGodfather is on now.
whizzerfajita: seen megaspaz
fajitawhizzer: megaspaz was last seen in #apache-helpdesk 2 hours 51 mins ago saying 'heh'.
thumbswhizzer: no, you can't join.
whizzerthumbs: i don't want to join ur stinking exclusive club
megaspazwhizzer: no i didn't...
wasn't whizzer already +I to that club?
jpegwouldn't matter; the invites are fscked anyway :P
jpegit's a hell of an episode tonight, btw.
thumbsjpeg: agreed
I had trouble breathing
jpegI was shocked. I'm still bewildered.
thumbsI'm still trying to figure out what happened
it's coming along slowly
jpegthere are odd theories about it at the imdb boards.
(obligatory spoiler warning)
thumbsjpeg: keep in mind some folks here haven't seen it yet
jpegI meant don't go to the imdb boards; there are spoilers there.
thumbsso really made up for the less-than-stellar last 3 episodes
jpegit did. next week looks good too.

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