#apache - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:22

thumbsomgs: the html output still has spaces in the <a> tags
you didn't fix anything.
never mind.
actionfajita minds, just to spite thumbs
fajitaminds, just to spite thumbs
thumbswhat does the error log say when I try that link?
since you seem to be afk, I'll be back ni 20 minutes
kwameAnyone here that can give me a hand on the workers.properties file from a mod_jk configuration with apache?
omgskwame: yes, it's not difficult
bbrooks_where is the config file located where I can change my document page?
thumbsdefault layout
fajitaPop along to http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/Info/DistrosDefaultLayout for an idea on where the main distros place Apache files.
thumbsbbrooks_: ^^
kwameomgs: ok, here is my scenario, I already have jboss running, if I do a http://localhost:8080 I get the jboss page
I already have installed mod_jk and loaded into apache
Now, what I want to do (to test) is to when I hit http://localhost I get redirected to http://localhost:8080
does that sound logic?
omgsDon't you have a commented workers file?
kwamebbrooks_: in DocumentRoot
fajitaDocumentRoot specifies where apache should look for content. See: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#documentroot or http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/core.html#documentroot
thumbsbbrooks_: see also this
and the previous factoid for the config file location.
kwameomgs: I have a workers.properties file, but I don't understand the sintax of it or if in that file is where I specify the redirection
omgsjust define a "worker", with the host, port and usually ajp13 for the type
I usually try to use always mod_proxy instead
kwameomgs: I already have mod_proxy sending the requestes that come into the webserver to the jboss, I want to get away from that
that's why i'm trying mod_jk
omgsWhat's the problem with mod_proxy?
kwametake a look of my workers.properties http://kwame.informatux.net/workers.properties
omgs: the application that the developers are working on sends requests from http to https and somewhere in the redirection the request is not going thru
bbrooks_sigh this is very frustrating
omgskwame: you have "node1" and "node2" as extra. You should take a look at those
as template
thumbsbbrooks_: what are you trying to do, exactly?
Niacin_i have a simple auth htaccess in www/ but i want to exclude phpmyadmin sub dir from that auth... how would i do that?
kwameI modified node1, but it does not do the redirection, when I hit http://localhost or http://laptop.homelinux (which obviously is the same) i just get the test page for apache instead of the jboss page
omgskwame: you took it away from the worker list

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