#apache - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 13:28 and 13:42

wolfeyas apache.pem
but it's still same error
megaspazand did you copy the keyfile as well?
you generated a new keyfile... so that keyfile has to be used as well
HAIDENadaptr, Super Sparrow seems to be the one that is most like the one that was described to me. This one uses BGP routing info to determine which point of presence a client should connect to.
joachim-nI have a cms installed in a subdirectory of my site; when I go live with it, I want to have that subdirectory behave as the site's root. can I do that in a htaccess?
thumbsjoachim-n: unlikely. Change the documentroot instead
joachim-nok. thanks
fajitaNo worries
barefootfajita: 504
fajita504 is Gateway Timeout
fajitabarefoot is shoeless by choice
actionmegaspaz waves at barefoot
megaspazwaves at barefoot
barefoot:) whats up man
megaspaznada much...
sup with you?
barefootjust working today, we are a little short staffed so I came in
megaspazi was working today from home, but i found out i don't have perms to change bug summaries... :P
HeroinFATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!
where is php.ini
fajitaphp.ini is the php configuration file. You might want to ask on #php instead. It is frequently located at /etc/php.ini or perhaps /usr/local/etc/php.ini
barefootHeroin: use locate
Heroinfajita botsnack :P
fajitaHeroin: what?
jMCgHeroin: don't. Enable. register_globals.
Really. Don't.
HeroinjMCg what u mean?
megaspazregister_jmcg instead
Heroinok cool ^^
jMCgHeroin: if the application you're trying to install needs it, go shout at the devs.
barefoothehe megaspaz
jMCgmegaspaz: jmcg is a registered trademark of BITCHING.
megaspazhrm... i think it's going to rain today...
which's cool... i need a free car wash...

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