#apache - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:39

jlppgood idea.. i'll give it a try and report back
megaspazroger roger
elderrrPremature end of script headers
fajita'Premature end of script headers' means that the script either encountered an error, or is emitting a bogus HTTP header. Check out http://httpd.apache.org/docs/misc/FAQ.html#premature-script-headers or see suexec or see ScriptLog or see 500 or see cg-eye (diagnostic tool)
elderrrsuexec that was it
elliottcablehow come i am in here. last time I checked, somebody had banned me. and I dont know why...
megaspazwere you legality?
elliottcablemegaspaz: What's up. Hmm?
megaspazif you're legality, you were being an idiot
JessicaYhipnquestion. I am trying to have example.com forward to site.com and not change the address in the address bar of the browser?
thumbss/you were/you are/
elliottcableAm I a legality? I'm really confused...
megaspazwhen were you banned?
elliottcableI don't really know... I just remember opening irssi and noticing "You can't join #apache, you have been banned". I'm like, wow. I've never been banned before. Odd. And just now, I noticed that I was in the channel - again, odd.
Hmm whatever I guess. Back to work (-:
jlppshoot, i'm stuck again. anyone using mac os x?
megaspaznot i
i thought noodl used mac os x before...
i could be wrong though...
fajitaSaying that Java is nice because it works on all OS's is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders...
fajitasuexec is http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/suexec.html Enables you to run scripts under different user IDs. In case of Internal Server Error, check both Error Log and Suexec Log
fajitaSTDIN is "the input stream from the browser.
dmakalskHi, i am having trouble configuring my httpd.conf file, from the default.... is anyone here willing to give me a bit of consultation? (I am willing to pay)
dan__thttpd.conf is documented very well.
Have you taken a look at it?
dmakalskdan__t: yes, but I want to host many vhosts
on my server
dan__tWhich distribution?
fajitaWhich distribution is this from?
dmakalskand I want to make sure I set it up correctly
fedora core 4
thumbsdmakalsk: forget sollicitation, it's against the channel rules
fajitathumbs, I didn't have anything matching sollicitation, it's against the channel rules
dan__tWell, I'd be lying to you if I said FC4 was a good platform to host anything with
thumbsdmakalsk: instead, ask your questions directly
dmakalskthumbs: I am sorry, I didn't realize

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