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fajitanot here. is Is is_are it a switch somewhere
catidseekwill: "suite" is cut in half vertically at the top nav bar
seekwillcatid: I don't see it. But I'm no site designer either hehe
thumbsI don't see that either
must be on his end
actioncatid shrugs.
seekwillBlame PHP
fajitaPHP should be presumed to be at fault until conclusively proven otherwise. And even thereafter, if it's convenient
thumbsseekwill: you learn fast!
actioncatid cackles.
Lyarianzthumbs : i got that error when i changed DocumentRoot to that hard drive .... Starting httpd: Syntax error on line 266 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
DocumentRoot must be a directory
thumbsLyarianz: then make sure the value you specify next to documentroot is a directory
Lyarianz: you're a little slow, are you?
Lyarianzthumbs : Ofcourse it's a directory
thumbsthen you made a mistake. Apache dosen't lie
given your troubles with simple instructions tonight, I tend to believe apache
seekwillthumbs: Only problem is our company has a lot of PHP contributors.
So I can't say that publically heh
Lyarianzthumbs : maybe Apache having error because that directory is a Outside one , means linked to another hard drive ?
thumbsdon't supply a link when it needs a directory.
seekwill: you can mumble it
Lyarianz: I grow tired of stating the obvious.
seekwill: here, it's all wintendo retards. I am converting everything to OS
Lyarianzthumbs : i've given the Directory not the link but on that Directory another hard drive is mounted ... does that makes any problem ?
thumbsLyarianz: you need to provide a FULL WORKING ABSOLUTE PATH
fajitabuilt my hotrod
thumbsif it's a mount point using SAMBA, you might have issues, too.
Lyarianzyes it is ...
thumbsthen you need to mount with support for symlinks
see #samba
seekwillWell, the main.php still asks me to download. But the installer didn't have any issues.
thumbswhere did you add the AddHandler line (scope) ?
LyarianzHello everyone , i am getting a error message , like [Wed Mar 21 08:00:07 2007] [error] [client] Symbolic link not allowed: /etc/httpd/htdocs/index.html .. what does it mean ? how can i fix it ?
thumbsOptions +FollowSymLinks

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