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fajitawtf are they doing
fholmes_laptopwhat is the proper way to setup file permissions with Apache?
BSDaemonbe noodl
be bsdaemon
be cathartik
fajitaFiles need to be readable by the Apache user (e.g. 644). Directories and scripts need the X bit too (e.g. 755). That includes *all* parent directories of a resource. If you have a symlink, check both the source and target or If you have AllowOverride for an unreadable directory, the error
..message will refer to .htaccess. See also selinux
BSDaemondang x2
ggg333fajita, documents
fajitaggg333: I have no idea.
ggg333fajita, mod_deflate
fajitaggg333: mod_deflate is http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mod_deflate.html or http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_deflate.html
x_orAnyone know how to get past this "BalancerMember Can't find 'byrequests' lb method" I think I have mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http loaded properly.
lampx_or: have you loaded mod_proxy_balancer ?
how can i make a hyperlink to a file with the default apache settings?
hey *
my apache keeps failing?
on fc6
reenignEesreveRi am working on a web based app which will store huge amount of user's data in memory (its sorta online photoshop app). The data in memory has to be persistence accross different requests. Which approach is the best?
fastcgi will do?
x_orreeningEesreveR: Typing your name is annoying. I would look at memcached. http://www.danga.com/memcached/
reenignEesreveRx_or: isn't it kind of DB related caching?
Pechorinis it proper to ask mod_perl questions here (if not, can somebody direct me to a proper channel)?
mcbanei have a really huge apache2 config file here. I want to add ssl support to the whole config, but only on port 443 so that the traffic on port 80 is unencrypted. Is there a way to, for example referencing the existing virtual host config and only add ssl support on port 443 or provide ssl support only if requested, but not force it?
puffAnyone awake?
Gotta question, in a nutshell we're setting up a colo to move a site to. Mostly for private projects, however, a couple of the people involved are used to cpanel and similar web-UI options, so they're asking for something like that.
ispconfig.org or vhcs.net seem to be the candidates.
Web control panels scare me, since I've never had anything but problems with them, so I thought I'd ask folkshere.
m_athiaspuff: well you are running $webapp with a lot of privileges on your system if you use something like that
depends what you allow them to change

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