#apache - Mon 19 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

grompfand this in the error logs : attempt to invoke directory as script: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/twiki/
well that means exactly what it means
directory listings, directoryindex don't work on scriptaliased directories
you have to explicitely give a filename
imagineclient denied by server configuration:
what does that mean
megaspazhttp://localhost/cgi-bin/foo.cgi not http://localhost/cgi-bin/
imagine: that means exactly what it means as well
imagineyeah haha
megaspazimagine: your config denied some request
grompfmegaspaz: damn!i would prefer it with directoryindex
megaspazmove it out of the scriptaliased directory and create an aliased directory instead
megaspazimagine: <directory> takes a full file system path
or it assumes the serverroot
as the base
which is not the same as your docroot
imaginehow do I change it?
megaspazprepend your documentroot value to it?
<Directory /srv/www/htdocs/default>
something like that...
full file system path
grompfdamn i think that ubuntu twiki package puts everything in the wrong directories.I think i should download the source and install it by hand
actionmegaspaz won't comment on ubuntu
megaspazwon't comment on ubuntu
imaginemegaspaz: ty man it works
Just need wikimedia to run as wikistudy.
megaspaz: do I need to make vhost for that?
you only need to make a vhost if you want to make a vhost
i have no idea
imaginehehe ;)
once it crashes, cuz it will, I'll paste it herer ;)
SUPERPOPwhen i try to /j ##PHP, it doesnt join the channel. it enters here ####erflow
imMuteSUPERPOP: you need to auth with nickserv before they let you in ##php
grompfmegaspaz: come on what's you problem with ubuntu?It's first on distrowatch
megaspazheh... i was thinking the whole time your nick was supercop...
thumbsimMute: that should be in the topic here

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