#apache - Wed 28 Feb 2007 between 16:54 and 17:04

jMCgOr control freaks..
Or uber-nerds who only use freaky editors like Vim
mikk36jMCg, it's just that maybe it's more comfortable for the guys for whom i host web :)
to do it themselves than ask me every time
Are you insane?!
You just put together a sane config -- and have a policy. [Period]
slidejMCg, i was trying to avoid having to restart apache each time a project is added, how do you handle this?
mikk36a project ?
jMCgEverything that goes beyond imediate trouble shooting, you should declare as feature request and demand money for.
Especially that.
actionbarefoot throws out a here here
barefootthrows out a here here
Mrdinibarefoot, "hear hear"
jMCgI suppose the other guys are programmers, and although I program a lot myself, I know that programmers tend to be a bit sloppy when it comes to servers.....
slidemikk36, im trying to do group based svn auth
jMCgslide: apache2ctl graceful
barefootMrdini: hehe, long day already
fajitaSee: apachectl graceful
mikk36slide, can't help u with that
jMCgapachectl graceful
fajitaapachectl graceful is how you restart apache without dropping any client connections. or Workers in keepalive will retain old config until they time out. Be patient, or set KeepAliveTimeout lower
slidejMCg, well, i am going to make a page for adding projects so id have to run a script to do that i guess?
Mrdinibarefoot, no bloody shit
mikk36but if u want to reload config, do a graceful restart
on win: apache -k restart
on linux - should be similar
jMCgslide: I wouldn't.
I men I wouldn't trust the web with such things.
i didnt want to either, but yall are telling me there is no other way :(
mikk36jMCg, question
slideI essentially want to do something like www.devguard.com for myself
mikk36on linux there are those control panels, where i can add subdomains on my will, right ?
how are they created in live ?
jMCgYou create a new Vhost with ServerName sub.domain.tld
tom_wifi2Hello. I hope someone can help me, i've been give 1500 extended web log files. some our gziped and some arnt. they our for multi sites & months. the program i've got on my PC. dies after 40. what is the best way to analyise them all?
mikk36jMCg, i know what the format i
Mrdinitom, "program" being....? just use a better app :P

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