#apache - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:04 and 00:20

blenna_unixhello. quick question. how do i prevent people from seeing what is in side my dir. ex: http://blah.com/hello -> how do i prevent users from seeing the contents of hello. thx
megaspazoptions -indexes
fajitaOptions -Indexes turns off directory indexing. Ask me about mod_autoindex and Options for more details.
Davemanfajita, welcome back
fajitaDaveman: No clue. Sorry.
actionDaveman rolls his eyes
Davemanrolls his eyes
later, Mr. Spaz;)
megaspazsup Daveman
blenna_unixthank you
another question. whats an easy way to reset apache to default options?
megaspazuse the backup in original
well in the apache.org source package, there's an original backup
fajitahi, mechcozmo
mechcozmoi've got an error log for ya
"An error occurred while opening a resource."
while attempting to copy something to my shiny new WebDAV setup
it is code 500 i think
which i'm not going to pretend like i know anything about
daMaestrostep one?
fajitaNo matter what the problem is, step one is to look in the error log
fajitapastebin is like nopaste, only different or http://apache.pastebin.ca/ or http://rafb.net/paste/
daMaestroshow us^^^
megaspazah! no!
mechcozmoi've used pastebin before :)
megaspazdon't listen to daMaestro! he's craaaaazzzyyyyyy!!!!
fajitadamaestro is dumb
fajita403 is Forbidden or don't forget to look in the error log
fajita500 is Internal Server Error

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