#apache - Wed 21 Feb 2007 between 09:52 and 09:59

BrandanoPerfectly fine with me as long as someone else does the hard work
actionniq upgrades encryption to ROT26
niqupgrades encryption to ROT26
DrBacchusTwice as secure as ROT13
gryzorthat would make a nice changelog
yangothere are lots of implementations of SHA256, brandano
so the hard work is done
Brandanowith an option for cereal packet decoder ring?
ALVANhi all
fajitaAll is not in today, ALVAN
ALVANi got a question ..how can i found out why i have so many CLOSE_WAIT processes
BrandanoI wonder what she will say the day All is in
Allhi all
fajitaAll is not in today, All
DrBacchusNow you know
ALVANi got 941 CLSOE_WAIT apche processes
i is this ..and they never die
DrBacchusALVAN: Someone is attempting to DOS you, and you might want to block them at the firewall.
ALVANuntil the pache server is maxxet out
fajitakeepalivetimeout is http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/core.html#keepalivetimeout
ALVANi set keepalive timeout to 120
niqfar too long!
ALVANo timeout is set to 120
sory keep alive timeout is 0
DrBacchusWell, there you go
fajitaSolution: Don't do that.
BrandanoThat onlycovers about 60% of all known problems
ALVANKeepAliveTimeout 0
Brandanoanother 35% is covered by saying "Don't do that" to the programmer
ALVANso where is the problem?
DrBacchusYou have timeout set to 120
Which explicitly says, keep "CLOSE_WAIT" threads open for 2 minutes.
So it is obediently doing what you just asked about.
thumbs15 or 30 seconds might scale better
niqstill too long
yango0.01 seconds
niq3 seconds should be ample

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